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Clinic registrations are administered by Hockey Alberta and will be available in June to all coaches within the City of Calgary.


Helpful Websites

1. - The website is free so check it out.  The app is even better, but there is a fee.

2. - Free stuff and USA hockey does a great job putting information out to the public. Lots of good stuff.

3. - You'll see some good content here.

4.  - Features a nice selection of half-ice drills.

Practice Plans by Age Group


One of the best ways to give yourself a leg up on the season is to develop a year plan. It will make practice planning easier, and can really focus you and your assistants on effective player development. And it doesn't have to be overly detailed. In fact, it may be better if it isn't.

After you've had a chance to evaluate the level of play your team is at, take an hour or so and set achievable goals for your group. Review your plan with your assistants. With good feedback you'll soon have a plan everyone can buy into. When it's time to plan your next practice, one quick reference will remind you where you can focus the drill set.

If you don't have your own template, here are a couple of year plans that Pinnacle Hockey has provided to get you started.  One is simple and the other is detailed.  Both are effective!  There is even a sample plan so you can see how they look once developed.

Basic Year Plan Template With Example (xls)
Advanced Year Plan Template With Example (xls)

For other ideas, check out your favorite resource webpage like Hockey Canada.


Last year Glenlake Hockey invested in the Tornado skating trainer system.  There is one available in each of the FCA arenas. It is a great tool for introducing and teaching cross-over turning skills. For more information about the system, visit this website: