The Lamplighter Series is a series of non-profit hockey tournaments run and hosted by Glenlake Minor Hockey Association.  The goal of the Lamplighter series is to provide complete tournament packages for teams from U7 through U18, as well as tournament preparation support for host team managers. In 2023-2024, Lamplighter will provide tournament opportunities for over 2,200 players.

2023/2024 Tournaments

Glenlake is excited to announce the 2023/2024 Lamplighter tournament series.  We are looking forward to getting the players back out there enjoying tournament hockey this season.

To ensure our teams have equal opportunity to receive the opportunity to host a Lamplighter tournament, we will hold a lottery that includes all teams from each age group. The following age groups have been selected to host Lamplighter tournaments and individual teams will be notified further:

Age GroupTournament DateLocation
U7Dec 1-3, 2023FCA
U9Nov 23-26, 2023FCA
U9Nov 24-26, 2023Torrington
U9Dec 1-3, 2023FCA
U11Nov 24-26, 2023Alix
U11Nov 24-26, 2023Alix
U11Dec 1-3, 2023Standard
U11Dec 1-3, 2023Alix
U11Feb 23-25, 2024Rolling Hills
U13Oct 13-15, 2023Hussar
U13Nov 24-26, 2023Hussar
U13Dec 1-3, 2023Standard
U13Dec 1-3, 2023Alix
U13Feb 23-25, 2024Rolling Hills
U15Oct 13-15, 2023Hussar
U15Nov 20-24, 2023FCA
U15Nov 24-26, 2023Hussar
U15Nov 24-26, 2023Winfield
U18Nov 27-30, 2023FCA
U18Dec 1-3, 2023Winfield


For more information about the Lamplighter Series, contact Glenlake's Tournament Coordinator Lara Pendrel at