Glenlake will be providing all teams their roster, practice and game schedules via TeamSnap.  Teams will not need to purchase the TeamSnap application individually as each team is now hosted under Glenlake.

Once a player is rostered to a team on TeamSnap by the GL Administrator, an email from TeamSnap will be sent to the primary email address on the player’s profile asking to either “Join the Team” or “Congrats! You’ve been added to ---- Team”.  This is the email address that was entered at the time of registration as the Participant's email address. If you are a member of TeamSnap already using the primary email address we have on file for your player, you will automatically be added to the team.  If you are not a member of TeamSnap or have used a different email than what we have on record, then you will be asked to set up an account so you can join the team.

Player information will be on the TeamSnap Team Rosters from the registration form, and every family is encouraged to review and amend this information if necessary, on the player profile within TeamSnap.

NOTE: It is recommended to set up your TeamSnap account and make any changes using the desktop version, not the mobile application as there are many features in TeamSnap not available on the app.


Helpful TeamSnap Links

Please use the TeamSnap help button located in the bottom right hand corner of the TeamSnap screen if you need further assistance with the application.

TeamSnap Starter Guide for New Members

Accepting a TeamSnap Invitation

Find a Team Invitation - Missing Your Team Invitation?

Make Roster Information Private

Add Family Members and Roster Contacts -If you want someone to log onto the team - Note: if the “receive team emails” is checked off for the contact, they will receive all team and GL communications

Share Schedule with Family & Friends -If you only want someone to access the team calendar – games and/or practices

Merge Account Emails – How to fix multiple TeamSnap accounts or if you accepted invitations with multiple emails

Viewing team - player listed multiple times

Receiving Emails but No Team on TeamSnap Account

Account Email vs Roster Email

Update Account Information - This refers to your TeamSnap account [your username]

Update Roster Information - This refers to your player’s roster profile Switching Profiles on a Team – This refers to switching between a player’s profile and a coach/manager profile for the same team