Glenlake is hosting the 2nd year of our 3 vs 3 Pond Hockey Tournament.  Pond hockey is a type of hockey where players are encouraged to play for the spirit of the game. There isn’t a scoreboard, there’s a lot of flow, players are encouraged to try new moves and have fun playing the game.


Who:         U7, U9, U11, U13, U15 and U18 players registered with Glenlake for the 2023-2024 season

What:        4 games of 3 vs 3 format – full ice except U9 (U& modified program, see description below)

Where:      Flames Community Arenas

When:       Labour Day Long Weekend – Friday, September 1 thru to Monday 4, 2023

Why:         A fun way for players to prepare for the upcoming season

Registration will open on August 4, 2023 at 9:00 AM to August 21, 2023.

  • Registration is based on a first come-first served basis and is nontransferable. Player registration will be cancelled and not refunded if the player is not currently registered with Glenlake.
  • Only players from 2013 and 2011 who were rostered on a 2021-2023 Division 1 team will be permitted to register in the divisions as indicated above. Any player who registers in the incorrect division will be moved to correct division without notice.
  • Confirmation of team assignment will be emailed to participant’s email address by August 29, 2023. There will no ability for players to form/enter their own teams – teams will be based on previous season team
  • No refunds will be issued

New this season - Introduction to U7 - Basic program getting the players comfortable being on the ice and having fun. A combination of skating and skills and various games to keep the kids engaged and looking forward to the start of the season.

  • U7 Timbits – Birth year 2017-2018
    • Cost: $90 (No jersey included)
    • Team: 1 team (24 skaters)
  • U9 – Birth year 2015-2016
    • Cost: $180 per skater (jersey included)
    • Teams: 4 teams (minimum 24-36 Skaters)
  • U11 – Birth year 2013-2014
    • Cost: $180 per skater or $90 per goalie (jersey included)
    • Teams: 4 teams (minimum 24 -36 Skaters, 4 goalies)
  • U13 – Birth year 2011-2012
    • Cost: $180 per skater or $90 per goalie (jersey included)
    • Teams: 4 teams (minimum 24-36 Skaters, 4 goalies)
  • U15 – Birth year 2009-2010
    • Cost: $180 per skater or $90 per goalie (jersey included)
    • Teams: 2 teams (minimum 14-18 skaters, 2 goalies)
  • U18 – Birth year 2006, 2007, 2008
    • Cost: $60 (Shinny - No jersey included)
    • Team: 1 team (minimum 24-30 skaters, 2 goalies)
  • Goalies – U11/U13/U15
    • Cost: $40 (no jersey included)
    • Session: 16 goalies

Tournament Contact: Brad Moran at

Registration Contact: Tamara Flegel at

For U9 aged players, goaltender equipment will be provided for players in need of equipment. Teams will be constructed by Glenlake with the goal of balancing the teams to allow for games to be as competitive as possible and for this reason, teammate requests will not be accommodated.


  • 5-minute warm up followed by 2 25-minute periods.
  • No Faceoffs, except to start period
  • Goals or Frozen pucks (offensive team must clear blueline)
  • Penalties are penalty shots with all other players back checking
  • Offsides
  • 1 minute or 1:30 buzzer shifts
  • For older groups we might be able to have a 5 puck shoot out competition as well
  • No body checking in any division


Date Start Time End Time Home Team Away Team Location
Friday, September 1, 20234:45 PM6:00 PMGoalies U11/U13/U15FCB
Friday, September 1, 20234:15 PM5:15 PMU7 TeamFCR
Friday, September 1, 20235:30 PM6:30 PMU9 TeamFCR
Friday, September 1, 20236:45 PM8:00 PMU15 TeamFCR
Friday, September 1, 20238:15 PM9:30 PMU18 TeamFCR
Saturday, September 2, 20238:00 AM9:15 AMU13 Team AU13 Team BFCB
Saturday, September 2, 20239:00 AM10:00 AMU7 TeamFCR
Saturday, September 2, 20239:30 AM10:45 AMU11 Team AU11 Team BFCB
Saturday, September 2, 202310:15 AM11:30 AMU9 TeamFCR
Saturday, September 2, 202311:45 AM1:00 PMU13 Team AU13 Team CFCR
Saturday, September 2, 202312:30 PM1:45 PMU15 TeamFCB
Saturday, September 2, 20232:00 PM3:15 PMU11 Team AU11 Team CFCB
Saturday, September 2, 20233:45 PM4:45 PMU13 Team BU13 Team CFCG
Saturday, September 2, 20235:00 PM6:00 PMU11 Team BU11 Team CFCG
Saturday, September 2, 20235:30 PM6:30 PMU9 TeamFCR
Saturday, September 2, 20236:15 PM7:15 PMU15 TeamFCG
Saturday, September 2, 20236:45 PM7:45 PMU18 TeamFCR
Sunday, September 3, 20239:00 AM10:00 AMU13 Team AU13 Team CFCR
Sunday, September 3, 202310:15 AM11:30 AMU11 Team AU11 Team CFCR
Sunday, September 3, 202311:45 AM1:00 PMU7 TeamFCR
Sunday, September 3, 202312:45 PM2:00 PMU15 TeamFCG
Sunday, September 3, 20231:15 PM2:30 PMU13 Team AU13 Team BFCR
Sunday, September 3, 20232:15 PM3:30 PMU11 Team AU11 Team BFCG
Sunday, September 3, 20232:45 PM4:00 PMU9 TeamFCR
Sunday, September 3, 20234:15 PM5:30 PMU18 TeamFCR
Sunday, September 3, 20235:00 PM6:00 PMU13 Team BU13 Team CFCG
Sunday, September 3, 20235:45 PM7:00 PMU11 Team BU11 Team CFCR