The U9 Development League (U9-DL) is a partnership between Hockey Calgary and its community member associations in which they operate the U9 age category as a skills based age category.  The U9-DL focuses on skill development and the fundamentals of hockey for kids aged 7 and 8.  The purpose of this league is to address the need for more skill development in the novice age category.  Our goal is to provide a positive environment for learning the fundamentals of hockey and to stimulate interest and desire to continue playing the game of hockey.

The U9-DL is a league in which the associations promote coach, parent, official and player education during the season.  Each player will be evaluated fairly within each association and placed on a team where they are best suited.  Teams are limited to when and how many games they can play.  As a result, players will practice more and play fewer games to increase their skills before playing full ice games compared to that of other age categories

Coach/Manager Resources:

The half ice rink divider boards are for U9 games only. They are not to be used for practices or any other purpose. In the event the set-up, game time and take down is not allowing FCA staff 12-15 minutes for a flood consistently; FCA reserves the right to re-vert back to bumper use only for exhibition games.

Three coaches and/or on ice volunteers (those who are rostered with the team) are necessary for set up and moving the boards.  No other volunteers are allowed on the ice so coaches must ensure they always have their skates and helmets with them to assist in using the rink divider system.

Should teams wish to split ice during practices, please use the bumpers that are provided in each arena.  Kindly ensure that all bumpers are returned NEATLY to their storage location and not thrown over the boards.

Notes to remember:

  • Three (3) Coaches required to be on ice to set-up/move/take down divider system
  • Coaches must be on skates, wearing helmets
  • When moving system for floods, always remember to push against each other to stop boards from coming apart
  • When removing panels from cart, pull from end with male insert
  • When placing panels back on cart, lift with male end insert
  • Use CAUTION when lifting and moving panels
  • Set up and take down will take approximately 5 to 8 minutes each
  • Coach Recommendation: bring a pair of work gloves to use to help reduce cold hands and prevent scrapes from rough edges on the boards

The following protocol will be used for U9 exhibition and tournament games and half-ice rink board usage at Flames Community Arenas only. Teams are not required to notify FCA for league games as the arena is provided the season game schedule.

  • FCA requires at least 48 hours’ notice from host team into order to use ½ ice boards
  • Notification will be sent to Adam – adam.ludwar@flamesca.com
  • If the game is on Saturday, Sunday, or a holiday Monday; FCA requires notification by Thursday evening (10:00pm)
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: The time needed to set up and take down the boards will come out of the teams’ ice session (ex. 5:00pm-6:00pm session: 5 minutes to set up and 5 minutes to take down. Actual ice time is 5:05pm-5:55pm at most)

Thank you taking the time to read the procedure instructions to understand the usage of the new rink divider system.  This system was purchased jointly by FCA, Trails West and Glenlake so please be respectful of our investment and treat it with care.  If you notice an issue with the rink divider system, please notify the rink staff immediately.