Glenlake brought in the role of Safety Director in 2019 to help achieve the highest level of safety for our children while playing a sport they love. The safety page will be a link for health and safety resources and forms. Each team in Glenlake will have a designated Safety Coordinator. Some of their responsibilities are listed below.

Safety Coordinator Role (2 credits):

  • Aware of safety preparedness such as address or directions to rinks in case of emergencies, locations of defibrillators, safety kits, knowing to keep bench doors closed during ice sessions, no entering the ice before the Zamboni door is closed, etc.
  • Required to take the Hockey Canada Safety online course (cost reimbursed by GL)
  • Track and report injuries to Glenlake safety coordinator (Tara Holmes). We are hoping to identify any patterns in injuries and mitigate risk if possible, moving forward. Hockey Calgary only tracks injuries if games are missed.
  • Injury Report form - and Injury Tracking form. Hockey Canada Injury Reports must be submitted within 90 days of the date of injury in order for a claim for expenses to be made. The Hockey Canada Insurance program is the secondary insurer - this means that a claim must be submitted first to any other plan available through an employer or independent provider.
  • Mandatory concussion course.
  • Monitor and communicate allergies or health issues that players have to managers and coaches.
  • Monitor proper use of equipment so that all players are kept safe, including sanitization of shared goalie gear at the novice level. Equipment coordinators will be providing sanitizing spray that will need to be used between each player's turn in goal.

Resources to help keep hockey safe

Online Safety Program for Coaches:

Coaches Safety Clinic

Emergency Action Plan:

Injury Assesment Flow Chart

Hockey Canada Emergency Action Plan

Injury Tracking:

Player Injury Log

Hockey Canada Injury Report

Return to Play - Concussions:

Concussion Recognition Tool


Coach Clinic Reimbursement

Hockey Canada National Insurance Program

Hockey Canada Insurance Brochure


Mental Health and Safety Awareness:

Hockey Calgary Mental Health Resources