Volunteer commitments are compulsory at Glenlake Minor Hockey Club; the number of volunteer commitments is determined by the category in which each player plays:

Timbits:                     1 commitment

Novice:                      2 commitments

Atom:                        2 commitments

Peewee:                    2 commitments

Bantam:                    2 commitments

Midget:                      1 commitment

Volunteer commitments per family will not exceed 2 players.

As example, a family with a child in Novice and one in Timbits will have to fulfill three commitments (one for Timbits and two for Novice) and must bring three (3) post-dated cheques.

There are no volunteer commitments for West Calgary House League (WCHL).

(commitment credits)
Bingo Worker (1)Works at 1 Bingo session at an assigned position. See bingo dates at bottom of this document
Bingo Chairperson (2)Coordinates a bingo session, ensuring all positions are filled. Phones all volunteers for specific Bingo session 48 hours prior to bingo date, assumes Chairperson responsibilities at Bingo hall and delivers Bingo sign in sheet and financial paperwork to Treasurer.
Casino Worker (2)Works at 1 Casino at an assigned position.
Head Coach (4)Head coach at any level. Responsible for development of practice plans and attending any necessary coach meetings/sessions. Only 1 head coach per team.
Assistant Coaches (3)Assistant coaches work with the head coach on development of practice plans etc. Maximum of 4 assistant coaches per team.
Team Manager (3)Assist coaches in preparing game sheet, organising timekeepers, exhibition games, tournaments and other duties.
Team Safety Coordinator (2)Assist team with all safety preparedness awareness, monitor proper use of equipment, knowledge of COVID AHS/HC for exposure/sick kid protocols and critical accurate attendance tracking. Needs to complete Hockey Canada Safety Course & Concussion Course. More details here
Evaluation Committee (4)Coordinates the overall evaluations for an age category in accordance with the Evaluation Guidelines as approved by the Board of Directors.
Evaluators (1 or 2)Evaluates the players for a specific age category as directed by the Evaluation committee. 1 or 2 credits depending on the number of sessions required for the age category.

Novice (U9), Atom (U11), Pee Wee (U13) and Bantam (U15) evaluators:

8 sessions = 1 credit
14 = 2 credits

Midget (U18):

8 sessions = 1 credit
General Volunteers (1 or 2)Glenlake registration, Glenlake Parent Social, Glenlake picture day,
Equipment pickup & return
Jersey Managers (1 per set of Jerseys)Collects and washes game jerseys for the season. TWO Jersey managers per team. ONE Manager per set of Jerseys.
Board Member (4)Prepare for and participate in board meetings,
Support governance decisions once made,
Participate in the development of a strategic plan to help guide future decisions
Hockey Calgary League Chair (4)As described by Hockey Calgary
NOTE: • No volunteer credits will be given for timekeepers, scorekeepers, gatekeepers and trainers throughout the season. • No volunteer credits will be given for team functions such as tournament organiser, team treasurers or social coordinator • Volunteer Credits cannot be carried over to future seasons


We rely on volunteers to run our hockey program. These volunteers include Coaches, Team Managers, Evaluators, Board Members, Bingo/Casino workers and General Volunteers. The volunteer commitment is determined by the category in which each player plays. Refer to the Volunteer Commitment Policy for the number of commitments required and the volunteer commitment opportunities.

Volunteer Commitment cheques will be collected at your child’s first evaluation.

ALL Timbits and Midget families must bring one post-dated cheque for $250 for each player commitment. This cheque must be dated February 15, 2022.

ALL Novice, Atom , Pee Wee and Bantam families must bring two post-dated cheques, each for $250, both cheques should be dated for February 15, 2022 The cheques will be destroyed (or returned if requested) once the volunteer commitments have been completed or will be cashed should the commitment(s) not be fulfilled. Remember no volunteer cheques at the first evaluation/ice session will mean no evaluation/ice time for your kid(s)!

Families who have paid the optional volunteer commitment during the registration process they are not required to provide a post dated cheque(s).  Should families complete the required volunteer commitment, all monies will be refunded back to family.

Remember to bring your commitment cheques to the first evaluation session  - **No volunteer commitment cheques   = no ice time!**

Do you still have questions about volunteering? Send them to volunteers@glenlakehockey.com.


Please note that bingo and casino dates can be viewed and signed up for on-line. Click on the link in the left menu of this page or click here:

bingo: https://www.glenlakehockey.com/bingo/
casino: https://www.glenlakehockey.com/casino/