Glenlake Referee Program

Glenlake Minor Hockey Club accepts applications from first year referees. Referees must be at least 13 years of age (as of December 31st).

New Referees MUST - Register with the Glenlake Referee Coordinator by email ( and be accepted as a Glenlake Referee PRIOR to enrolling in the CZRC Referee Clinic to ensure that we have space for you. Glenlake confirmation of acceptance is REQUIRED before registering the online and classroom/ice clinics.


1. Be accepted by the Glenlake Referee Coordinator.

2. Once accepted, please complete the Glenlake Referee Application Form.

3. To become certified as an official in Calgary you need to take part in an officials’ certification clinic.  Follow these steps for Referee Clinics provided by Central Zone Referees Committee (CZRC):

  • Complete an E-Learning Module (new referees), provided by CZRC
  • Register and attend a one-day referee clinic (new and returning referees), provided by CZRC
  • Inform the Glenlake referee coordinator of the date of your scheduled referee clinic.

4. Upon successful completion of the CZRC referee clinic, please e-mail receipt to the Glenlake referee coordinator.

Returning Referees

Returning referees are required to:

  • Returning referee must complete the Glenlake Referee Application Form.
    • The deadline for this notification is July 31st. .
  • Review the instructions for referee clinics provided by Central Zone Referees Committee (CZRC).
    • These instructions may be found on the CZRC website: under the CLINICS tab.
  • Register for the CZRC one-day referee clinic (and complete the E-Learning Module, if under 16 years of age)
  • Attend the one-day CZRC referee clinic.
  • Ensure that your profile in the Goalline Referee Management System is active.

Who Officiates What Divisions?  Who Assigns The Officials?

  • Referees/Linesmen for Novice or Atom are assigned by the Community Referee Coordinator of the Host Association/Team.
  • For all Pee Wee Divisions, Bantam, Midget, Junior and Female games, the officials are assigned by CZRC.

What Do You Need To Become An Official?

Required Equipment:

  • Black CSA certified helmet
  • CSA certified half visor
  • Elbow pads
  • Metal or black plastic whistle
  • Athletic support and cup
  • Measuring tape
  • Black polished skates with white laces
  • Hockey Canada Rule Book
  • Shin Pads
  • Clean official's black and white sweater with Hockey AB crest on front left side and Hockey Canada on the left arm
  • Black, pressed pants

*** Please note that a black Mesh Under Arm jersey is illegal

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