We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of 1616 Hyundai Hockeyfest: Calgary, the world’s largest street hockey festival, right here in Calgary at the iconic Max Bell Centre on May 25th.

Forget about yelling “car”, dragging nets to the curbs, or running down the street to get your ball. Take the essence of hockey, the integration of real rinks, the support of official referees and you get the largest road hockey tournament in North America. Each game is played on 50% to scale NHL sized rinks with real boards, real netting and real referees and every registration helps keep 1616 FREE for Players, Caregivers and Coaches like YOU!

1616 Hyundai Hockeyfest Calgary
When: Saturday, May 25, 2024 – 9am until 9pm
Where: Max Bell Centre, Calgary, Alberta
Cost: $499 + GST and processing fees per team
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