This past summer, Big River First Nation (BRFN), just north of Prince Albert Saskatchewan, was fortunate to have hockey equipment donated to them by the both the Calgary Flames and the Edmonton Oilers. The only thing missing were jerseys and this is where Glenlake stepped in to assist.  It was a win-win as Glenlake was looking for a home for our old team jerseys and BRFN was looking for new jerseys for their teams.  Through a contact of our Administrator, Tamara Flegel, we sent 19 home and away jersey sets to the BRFN group this fall. The donations from the Flames, Oilers and Glenlake has helped increase the number of players registering for hockey in their area.  BRFN currently hosts teams from Timbits to PW and is hoping to extend this to the older age groups as their hockey program grows.  Here are pictures of one of their novice teams surrounding their winning trophy (yes, it is made of candy) and one of their Atom teams donning their “new” jerseys.  Glenlake wishes BRFN good luck with their hockey program!