Date: January 29, 2021
To: HC Members & Member Associations
From: Kevin Kobelka – Executive Director
CC: HC Board, HC Governors

SUBJECT: Hockey Calgary Survey Results

I would first like to thank the Hockey Calgary community for the overwhelming response to the survey released last week. We received over an 80% response rate which truly shows the passion for the game of hockey in Calgary.

Below you will find a summary of the overall results across our full program. I can also share that Association specific results have also been provided to each member Association in our program, so that they can further analyze their specific results.

As most of you are aware Hockey Alberta released a memo announcing that further traditional ‘League Play’ may be cancelled for the 2020-21 season if there was no new information by February 1st. At this time, we are awaiting this information and a final decision from HA before we finalize details of how the Hockey Calgary program will proceed. To be clear This does NOT mean an end to all winter hockey programming. If arenas are suddenly opened, a developmental season or a cohort style program is still an option and will be available to us if we choose to operate.

Next Steps:

  • Wait for final decision and information from HA, expected February 2nd.
  • Member Associations review survey information as a basis for a plan moving forward.
  • Communicate next steps to Hockey Calgary families by the week of February 8th, 2021.

Finally, refunds were not addressed in this survey, we are aware this is an important concern for all members. Hockey Calgary has been communicating with member Associations regarding this issue, and we are working on the details. We are confident that there will be refunds/credits, but the amounts are dependent on if, and when we return to the ice, and the individual fee structure of each Association. When dates and plans are finalized details surrounding refunds will be provided by your member Association.

We will drop the puck again!!

Kevin Kobelka
Executive Director

Return to Hockey Membership Survey Summary (pdf)

Hockey Calgary Bulletin – Jan 29 (pdf)