Spring 3on3 Registration is now open



Please click on your age group to register.

Season officially runs from April 2 – June 11, 2019 

COST:  $325 (including GST) Skaters and $50 for Goalies

Glenlake’s exciting, fast paced and popular Spring 3on3 Hockey will be back this April with some exciting new changes designed to increase players’ skill development opportunities while still enjoying the fun, fast-paced environment of 3on3 hockey!!!!   

Participants (of all age groups*) will play 3on3 in cross-ice small area games.  Small area games have been shown to benefit players through increased intensity, puck touches, situational repetition, more battles as well as more shots for both skaters and goalies, all the while keeping every player in the game their whole shift.

* We have received feedback from the Bantam and Midget age groups who would like the program to continue as FULL ICE for those age groups.  There is strong support for both sides, so we will let the registration #’s dictate this decision.

If your child has loved playing 3on3 on full ice and has chosen not to play this year due to the changes, PLEASE click on the LINK for the appropriate age group to indicate that you are interested in playing 3on3 but do NOT want to play in the new format.   

We will be in communication with these age groups as to the final decision.  I encourage you to register as EARLY as you can for either the CROSS ICE program or your vote for FULL ICE

BANTAM FULL ICE ONLY (register here to elect to play ONLY If it is Full Ice format; follow the registration process and just click ok at the checkout for $0.00)

MIDGET: FULL ICE ONLY (register here to elect to play ONLY if it is Full ice format; follow the registration process and just click ok at the checkout for $0.00)

Please click on your appropriate age group to register.  

All registration links below are for the 3on3 cross-ice small area games program: 

Novice (ALL): Players Born in 2010*, 2011, 2012

Atom:  Players Born in 2008*, 2009, 2010


Atom GOALIE  (aspiring goalies are welcome to register; players can borrow Glenlake equipment)

PeeWee: Players Born in 2006*, 2007, 2008



**Bantam:  Players born in 2004* 2005, 2006



**Midget:  Players born in 2002*, 2003, 2004 (*2002 born is maximum age to register)



*It is recommended that players born in these years register for the age group they will be playing in for the Fall of 2019

**Bantam and Midget Calgary Royals Athletic Association players are eligible to register and play for Glenlake 3on3 Hockey

A Volunteer Manager will be required for each team. A detailed volunteer job description and requirements will be sent separately. Spare list registration and information will also be out at a later time.

As this is a new program, we are working out a few details and appreciate your patience!

 Why do we play cross-ice small area hockey?


 The New Jersey Devils Prospects showing how cross-ice small area hockey is played:

(20) 3 on 3 devils prospect game 1 black vs white hockey game Goal Highlights only! – YouTube

Here is a REVISED diagram providing a visual of the cross ice setup:

3 on 3 cross ice outline

Here is a copy of the rules (addressed and provided to the officials):

2019 Glenlake 3 on 3 Rules


Questions? Send them to 3on3@glenlakehockey.com.