The Glenlake Minor Hockey Club would like to congratulate five individuals for their extraordinary service to the club during the 2018-2019 hockey season.

Glenlake president Chris Brett presented the five individuals with awards at a ceremony on April 24, 2019 at Spot On Kitchen & Bar in Garrison Green.

Here are the winners:

Brian Gingrich Award winner Finn Maguire

Glenlake 2018-2019 Brian Gingrich Award

Awarded to one Bantam player who represents fair play, dedication and teamwork while representing Glenlake and the sport of hockey in a polite, courteous, and honorable way:

Finn Maguire

This year’s winner of the Brian Gingrich Award is Finn Maguire. Finn was known as the “gentle giant” on the Glenlake Bantam 3 team. He was the biggest kid on the team and perhaps in the league. His size intimidated our opponents when he skated into the corners with them and this was a huge asset to our team. They would see him coming and move out of his way. Being in body contact this year, Finn probably could have unintentionally hurt someone, even with a clean hit, however not having a mean bone in his body, we knew this was not his style and his steady consistent nature allowed the coaches to always have trust his judgment. Finn would still take the body and angle our opponents effectively, but was very aware of his size and strength and was conscientious about safety at all times. In fact, Finn had fewer penalty minutes than almost everyone on our team. Finn was always there to stick up for his teammates. His presence was all it took and the opponents would back down and return to their bench. He was also a leader in our dressing room; if someone was getting out of hand in the room Finn was the player to step up and calm things down. Finn was both respected and well-liked by his teammates. Win or lose he always had a smile on his face. All of these reasons are why he was chosen as an assistant captain on our team – he lived up to his role and was a pleasure to coach, to watch and to have as a teammate.



Mike Vernon Award winner Ayden Hilsenteger

Glenlake 2018-2019 Mike Vernon Award

Awarded to the pee wee goalie who contributed most to his team’s success and made the most positive contribution to his team:

Ayden Hilsenteger

This year’s winner of the Mike Vernon Award is Ayden Hilsenteger. Ayden was a spectacular goalie this year for the Pee Wee 2 Blue team both on and off the ice. Ayden shared goalie duties this year and was a great companion and teammate. He was always supportive of his goalie partner and loved the competition in practice that a second goalie provided. Ayden worked extremely hard this year improving his game with goalie specific training and always ensured that he was focused in practices playing every shot like it mattered. He was very well liked in the locker room as his competitive spirit was evident and rubbed off on his teammates. Ayden was an excellent goalie all year for us, it was this hard work that really showed through in his stats in the second half of the year. We had an excellent team this year, but Ayden’s improvement was stark. In the first half of the year Ayden was 11-1-0 as a starter with a 2.75 GAA. In the second half he was 11-0-1 with a 1.33 GAA! Ayden played great in big games showing his heart and battle, including the division final where the team won 3-2. Ayden’s hard work, dedication and attitude as a teammate make him a very worthy recipient of the Mike Vernon Award.




Jared Tholll

Coach of the year Jared Tholl

Stu Fairbanks Memorial Glenlake Coach of the Year Award

Awarded to one coach who demonstrates outstanding contribution and dedication to their association, team and players:

Jared Tholl

This year’s winner of the Stu Fairbanks Memorial Coach of the Year Award is Jared Tholl. Jared coached the Glenlake Pee Wee 6 Blue team this season. He took a pile of pee wee players who were ranked at the bottom of their age division and made them believe they were the best team ever to play the game of hockey. He brought the whole team together; the kids, parents and coaches. Coach Jared always said the goal of hockey was to have fun and he did this by creating an environment that had the players understand that the victory came in working hard and playing smart. He always had a smile on his face and had fun with the kids. He helped to show each player what it takes to win every game. He is passionate about what he does and cares about the kids and making them stronger and better players every game! He arranged extra dryland training and outdoor time for them on his own. He was always coaching and giving advice from the bench, right down to the last few minutes of their last game. He earned the respect of the kids by making them work hard and they loved it!




Doug Forsyth Parent Spirit Award winner Dave Newby

Doug Forsyth Parent Spirit Award

Awarded to one parent in our association who best exemplifies the wonderful characteristics that Doug Forsyth displayed around hockey: volunteerism, support, competitiveness, humour and balance.

Dave Newby

This year’s winner of the Doug Forsyth Parent Spirit Award is Dave Newby. Dave took on the role of team manager for our Glenlake Pee Wee 6 Green team this season. He excelled at this role as he is extremely organized and makes himself available to both parents and coaches. Dave gave so much time and energy to his role as Team Manager, no questions unanswered and his love of the sport and the kids showed every week. Dave made sure all the kids made it to the games and events by personally driving those kids who didn’t have a way to get to the rink. No time was spared to ensure the team was motivated and organized but even more than a manager, Dave is a great cheerleader and mentor to all the kids on our team. He has an amazing sense of humour and supported our team any way he could. Dave’s love and support for the team was unmatched amongst the parents. As a Pee Wee 6 team, he quickly realized that there was a huge diversity of skill and social background on the team. He was quick to organize team building events such as pizza parties, Hitmen games and parent/kid exhibition matches to build the team rapport (often funding these events out of his own pocket). Due largely to Dave’s positive influence and timely humour the kids had a great season both on and off the ice winning Esso Minor Hockey Week, South Division Championship and the City Championship.



John Tyrell

Volunteer of the Year John Tyrell

Glenlake Volunteer of the Year Award

Awarded to one volunteer from Glenlake who demonstrates outstanding contribution and dedication to the club:

John Tyrell

This year’s winner of the Volunteer of the Year Award is John Tyrell. John has volunteered for Glenlake for over 20 seasons now — let that sink in! John continues to give back to the association as the manager of the Midget 1 team, even though for the past seven years he has not had any of his own children playing for the hockey club. John is a true role model to Glenlake’s volunteers and players through his genuine love for the sport and our Glenlake community.