ESSO FUN DAY (Free Girls Try Hockey Day – August 23rd) OPEN FOR REGISTRATION – We’ve got 40 free spots open for a fun afternoon of hockey and activities. In order to register participants must be a first time hockey player or a former player who didn’t play last season; and, most importantly,
must enjoy having fun on the ice and off with a large group of female skaters, coaches and volunteers.

Open to new Timbits playing this fall. Open to older girls who love skating and want to try it out. Open to everyone.

Full equipment required.

FREE registration includes:
– Fancy Jerseys.
– Fancier Snacks.
– One hour of on-ice games and skating fun.
– Yoga sessions to relax post skate / snacks.

So, open to girls of all ages, but limited to 40. Takes place at the Lake Bonavista Community Association.

If you already play hockey and want to bring a friend let us know and we can sort the details out.

Registration details, etc. available at or by emailing