Clark Power Skating 2019 Spring and Summer Camps

Clark Power Skating

10th Annual

2019 Spring and Summer Camps

Spring “Agility” Power Skating Camp

April 12-14, (Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday afternoons) at Rose Kohn Arena


This 3 day Agility camp is a unique and fun opportunity to take some time to work on turns and transitions and really train them!  Coaches have told me “they don’t have time to break these skills down in practice” so this is another time when additional skating instruction is so valuable.

If you need work on edges, cross-overs and lateral movement, pivoting both ways, learning the mohawk turn, improving speed in and out of turns this is the camp for you!  All skating skills begin with a solid foundation of edges – join us for some incredible edge training this spring! 


Classes for 6-8 years, 9-11 years, and 12 years and up

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Summer “Speed & Stride” Camps and “Speed & Agility” Camps

Aug. 12-16, Norma Bush arena

Aug. 19-23, Rose Kohn arena

Aug. 26-30, Rose Kohn arena


These summer camps are specifically designed to help players to be in top skating shape for evaluations and the new season.  Skating is the name of the game so make sure to stand out and be at your absolute best this year with the “Speed & Stride” camps and the “Speed & Agility” camp.


Classes for all age groups

“Advanced” sessions available for the higher skilled players

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Email with any questions.

Lisa Clark

Clark Power Skating