Subway City Championships

Congratulations to all the Glenlake teams that achieved success in the Subway City Championships!

Glenlake teams remaining in the 2019 City Championships:

AtomPee WeeBantamMidget
Glenlake Hawks Atom 1 BlueGlenlake Hawks Pee Wee 1 Blue - Gold Medal South and City ChampionsGlenlake Hawks Bantam 1 - City ChampionsGlenlake Hawks Midget 1
Glenlake Hawks Atom 1 GreenGlenlake Hawks Pee Wee 1 Green - Silver Medal SouthGlenlake Hawks Bantam 2Glenlake Hawks Midget 2
Glenlake Hawks Atom 2Glenlake Hawks Pee Wee 2 Blue - Gold Medal SouthGlenlake Hawks Bantam 3Glenlake Hawks Midget 3
Glenlake Hawks Atom 3 BlueGlenlake Hawks Pee Wee 2 GreenGlenlake Hawks Bantam 4Glenlake Hawks Midget 4 Blue
Glenlake Hawks Atom 3 Green - Silver Medal SouthGlenlake Hawks Pee Wee 3Glenlake Hawks Bantam 5Glenlake Hawks Midget 4 Red
Glenlake Hawks Atom 4 BlueGlenlake Hawks Pee Wee 4 BlueGlenlake Hawks Bantam 6Glenlake Hawks Midget 5
Glenlake Hawks Atom 4 GreenGlenlake Hawks Pee Wee 4 Green - Silver Medal South
Glenlake Hawks Atom 5Glenlake Hawks Pee Wee 5 Blue
Glenlake Hawks Atom 6 BlueGlenlake Hawks Pee Wee 5 Green
Glenlake Hawks Atom 6 GreenGlenlake Hawks Pee Wee 6 Blue
Glenlake Hawks Atom 7 BlueGlenlake Hawks Pee Wee 6 Green - Gold Medal South and City Champions
Glenlake Hawks Atom 7 Green - Silver Medal SouthGlenlake Hawks Pee Wee AA - City Champions

Last updated: March 18, 2019

If you're on one of the above teams that's not crossed out and you're no longer in the Subway City Championships, please send email to so we can update the table.